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Who wouldn’t want to make life easier while keeping our animals happy and healthy? Our goal at Quick Feed is to help you attain these goals while offering the best price and service we possibly can.

Dispensing Chart

Experts have proven animals are healthier mentally and physically if fed numerous small meals on a regimented schedule. Stall vices, colic, destructive boredom, obesity, overfeeding illnesses, and other health related problems as well as food waste may be alleviated by this type of program.

Feeders dispense dog and cat food, pellets, grains and complete feeds. * Dry feed only! No WET molasses feed or extruded/pelletized food over 1 inch in length.

Choose dispensing amounts from 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, or 1 cup increments.

Veterinarian Recommended

Recommendations are to feed our animals as closely as possible to their natural habits. For grazing animals, feed numerous small meals at the same times each day.

Healthy feeding with Quick Feed

When Matt was having difficulty chewing hay, we relied on his Quick Feeder to deliver 2 pounds of oats every 4 hours around the clock. Not only did Matt survive without a weight loss, but he looks wonderful.

Taking Responsibility

QUICK FEED owners, manufacturers, dealers and representatives do not in any way suggest or imply using QUICK FEED as a total animal care replacement product. Nothing can or should take the place of quality human care.