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The QFS Automatic feeder for pets and livestock holds 50 lb. of pellets or grain, 25 lb. of dog or cat food and can dispense 1 to 12 times per day; 1 to 5 cups each feeding. Simply plug transformer into 110 volt electric outlet and attach to feeder.

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The QFS Automatic feeder for pets and livestock holds 50 lb. of pellets or grain, 25 lb. of dog or cat food and can dispense 1 to 12 times per day; 1 to 5 cups each feeding. Simply plug transformer into 110 volt electric outlet and attach to feeder.

Comes complete with built in programmable timer, 2-AA batteries for memory back-up, snap lock lid, 2″PVC pipe and fittings, instruction manual and 12-volt transformer.

For smaller pets ½ cup and ¼ cup portions are available.

Please call our office to order custom portions.

Dimensions: 28″ x 16″ x 9″ – 9 lbs.

Weight 144 oz
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 10 in

12 reviews for Automatic Electronic Feeder

  1. Doyle Hyett

    This is a remarkable product. We use the feeder to feed feral cats brought from New York City to our farm in Upstate New York. Since we are away from the farm most of the winter, the feeder ensures that the cats have a reliable source of some food to supplement their mousing. Raccoons are a constant problem — constantly trying to rip feeders apart for the food or at times it seems just because they can. Properly placed, Quick Feed is the answer, as long as the feeder is mounted high because raccoons can’t jump. And, the cats love it.

  2. Vasilis Philippou

    Vasilis Philippou – CYPRUS
    April 2019

    My racehorse loves it.!! From the day i started using this product since 2018 my life has become so easy. I programmed the feeder to feed my horse early morning, noon and late afternoon and this helped my horse to be in a better and healthier condition. On the weekends when i am away and there is no one to look after my horse i feel secured that my horse will be 100% looked after. It works perfect, it is very reliable and i fully recommend it if you seriously care for your pet. Thank you for making such a great product.!!

  3. Kyle Marie Hatzenbuehler (verified owner)

    We love our automated feeders! We use them to dole out small regular feedings of a complete senior pellet to our older gelding with worn down teeth. He can only eat chopped hay and pellets so this keeps him very happy and healthy without our having to be at the stable 24/7. Much healthier way to feed than two or three larger feedings with long periods of no food in between. Thank you for a life saving product – our geldings and ours!

  4. Bonnie Smith

    Reliable, consistent amount, highly recommend.

    After owning a Quick Feed for several years, we purchased another. We considered the hopper extender, but felt it would be too tall to easily fill. And would be difficult to see inside from the top, as the tiny window sometimes get filled with feed, sometimes difficult to see when the hopper is low.

    Both feeders have worked great for many years. One is plugged into an outlet. The other uses a solar panel with a battery backup. At first concerned about the amount fed (enough for a horse), just used the multiple feeding times to ensure the correct quantity. I even measured the output to make sure it was consistent. It was great not having to feed the horse twice each day, just fill up the hopper every few days. Should be great for most farm animals using pellets or dog food.

  5. Amanda in Texas

    I bought the single feeder many months back for my mare and I absolutely LOVE it! We have to make regular trips to a doctor several hours away and this feeder has taken away the stress of having to always rush back to feed. It also allows my mare to receive several small meals a day, which I like. I attached my feeder onto our wooden fence and keep it covered. I use a waterproof bag and rubberband it around the timer and then I have the entire feeder cover with a small tarp, that is lightly tied on with rope to keep the tarp from blowing around. I use a senior feed that has molases in it, but check it often to make sure it doesn’t get stuck along the sides of the hopper. This has worked amazing for us. Well made product. Definitely recommend.

  6. JM

    This is a well made product! We have had ours for 10 years! It feeds our goats when we are away for the weekend. Excellent customer service, they will answer questions promptly.

  7. Marianne M Hebner

    I have 5 of these feeders for my horses. They dispense hay replacer pellets early in the morning to take the edge off before I get down to the barn to give them their forage. They also get a midday snack and a late night snack to keep those gastric juices flowing which is so important in preventing colic. One of the feeders is used to feed only pellets to our 46 year old pony who can’t chew hay. They’re truly a lifesaver.

  8. Linnell Watson

    We had a horse diagnosed with inflamed small intestine walls which caused multiple colics. Our vets put him on 6 feedings a day of strictly pelleted alfalfa and senior feed. We live 6 miles away from our barn so this simply wasn’t an option. We bought the Quick Feed feeder and are thrilled with the results! It only feeds 5 cups of feed at a time so we scheduled 8 feedings a day with two 5 cup feedings 10 minutes apart and we personally feed night and morning. The feeder has worked flawlessly for almost 2 months! Thank you Quick feed for this awesome product! It’s paid for itself in unneeeded vet visits! We’ve passed along our success with our vets and hopefully they can refer future clients to this great product!

  9. Nancy Grube

    This product has been a lifesaver. We feed twice a day, but occasionally we are away on Saturday or Sunday morning, and this has been the perfect solution to those days. Awesome product and very easy to set up and use,

  10. Mel Lehman (verified owner)

    Some long-time friends here in Montana recommended this feeder. I was not aware of the “extreme subzero temperature warning” for the programmed memory until I had purchased the feeder and paid the high shipping cost to get it to my ranch in Montana. The warning was/is printed on the back of a thin strip of paper that came with the feeder information; the front of the paper has a “Quick Guide”, “Legend” and blank “Quick Feed Programming Chart”. I did not find the warning anywhere else, not on the website or in the instruction information that came with the feeder. As Mother Nature would have it, the temperature at my ranch was 20 below zero when I installed the feeder and the daytime temperatures never got above zero for at least 7-10 days after installation. I used lithium batteries in the timer unit for backup as they perform better in cold weather. Raccoons are a constant problem in my unheated barn, so I covered the unit with an old piece of tarp and tied it with some sisal twine. The feeder has performed flawlessly since it was installed in early January, very cold weather notwithstanding, it has not lost programming. Raccoons have torn the tarp off a few times, but have not breached the container or been able to remove the lid; better protection is in the works. The unit is made of durable material and is easy to program. Quality is never inexpensive. A good product!

  11. Darrell Dierks

    I ordered this to auto feed some Kune Kune pigs. Everything came in the box that was shipped quickly. The setup was pretty simple and straight forward. It has been feeding our pig just as I set it up to do twice a day for the last two weeks. My only issue so far is the site window to see how much feed is left in the hopper. It gets filled with ground feed and doesn’t fully empty so to it can appear to be still at least at that level. I just need to open the lid instead. One other thing that may be an issue is that the instructions state that the controller/transformer may not perform well in cold weather. This unit will be inside an unheated building this winter and I live in zone 4A so we will see. Not gonna stop me from buying another one though.

  12. Alabama Search and Rescue

    Great product! We use this to feed our Bloodhounds daily and have never had an issue.

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