Use the diagrams and instructions below for ease in adapting Quick Feed to your particular application – from small house pets to large farm animals.

Hanging Instructions

QUICK FEEDERS must be mounted within a safe, dry, covered area. DO NOT attempt to make modifications or changes to this product or warranty may be nullified and voided.

INSTALLATION: Locate your new feeder close to a 110-volt receptacle for electric power. Mount feeder on a suitable outer stall wall OUT OF THE ANIMALS REACH for horses and other grain fed animals. See Figures A, B or C for mounting applications for your animal or pet. Note: Wall must be solid and sturdy.

Determine a mounting height that allows the PVC pipe to be directed back through the stall wall into the feed bucket as in Figure A (feed bucket height may need to be lowered to accommodate ease in refilling the QUICK FEED hopper). For domestic pets, install feeder according to Figures A, B or C.

For all applications locate top center mounting hole on back of hopper and mark wall. Install screw, hang feeder on single screw, level unit and mark remaining 3 mounting holes. Install all 4 – #10 screws using washers; tighten screws firmly.

Figure A – Typical Outer Stall Installation: Slip PVC 45° ell (do not glue) over the spout adapter. Determine where the PVC pipe will penetrate the stall wall and mark. Cut hole through stall wall . Insert PVC through hole and into PVC 45° ell. Mark and cut off excess PVC pipe to correct length. CAUTION: Do not leave PVC pipe protruding inside stall or feed bucket where the animal can reach it. Cut flush with inside wall. Figures B & C

Figures B & C – Direct Drop Installation: After hanging feeder slip coupler over spout adapter. Determine length for PVC pipe and cut to size. Slip PVC 45 ell over end if desired, slip pipe into coupler. Secure PVC to wall with 2″ pipe clamp