How does QF operate?

Quick Feed dispenses food automatically through a programmable electronic timer. Simply install 2 AA batteries (included) for battery backup, plug into a 110 volt electric outlet OR attach to a 12 volt battery (with optional battery adapter.) Begin by setting the digital clock to the correct time, program the times you wish to feed (up to 12 times) along with amounts, (5 amount choices) and fill with food. Food will be dispensed day after day at the times and amounts chosen.

How often can I feed with QF?

QF is designed to feed from 1 to 12 times in a 24 hour period. Feedings may be scheduled within minutes or hours of each other. Once times are set, feeder will dispense each day at these times until settings are changed.

How much can I feed at a time?

Settings begin at a few ounces and range up to 2 pounds or 1 to 5 cups for the standard feeder. For Standard size, see feeding selector chart for each type food, feeder size and animal by clicking on Selector Settings button for further information. Feedings may be scheduled within minutes of each other for larger amounts. Example: set the feeder to dispense 5 cups of grain at 8:00 A.M., and an additional 1 to 5 cups of grain at 8:05 A.M. simply by setting the clock accordingly.

What are Quick Feeders made of?

QF is made of a high impact polyurethane plastics product. Can I use QF outside? Because QF does not have a totally sealed hopper, QF’s are not designed to be used outside without some cover to protect the electronics and food from weather.

How is QF mounted?

The Quick Feed hopper has pre-molded mounting screw holes in the back of the hopper. For detailed drawings and instructions, see the installation section of this site by clicking on the Installation button at the top.

How much food will QF hold & how many days can I feed with QF?

QF Standard size hoppers will hold approximately 25 pounds of dog/cat foods or 50 pounds of grains and pellets. The amount of days you can feed with QF depends on the amounts and frequency of feedings. To determine how many days you can feed with the standard feeder, multiply the cups fed by the amount of times then divide into 132 cups. This will tell you how many days you can safely feed before refilling.

What types of food can I dispense with QF?

QF will dispense dry cat or dog food, pellets, and grain products. QF is not designed to dispense any food product larger than large chunk dog food or pellets longer than one inch in length as it will stop the rotation of the cylinder, thereby damaging the motor. For farm animals, sweet feeds with wet molasses have a tendency to bridge above the dispensing mechanism not allowing the feed to drop down into the chute.

Since QF is made from a plastic product, is it varmint proof?

Fortunately, not everyone has a raccoon, squirrel, or rodent problem. Unfortunately, for the ones that do, but no, QF is not varmint proof. However, there are solutions: Some of our handier customers have built lock boxes around their feeders out of wood or metal with an opening at the bottom for the spout while still others have mounted metal garbage cans and then attached their feeders inside.