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Solar Powered Automatic Feeder with Extended Life
Solar Powered Automatic Feeder with Extended Life
Sale price: $423.00

Solar Powered Automatic Electronic Feeder

Operate your Quick Feed animal feeder from a 12-volt extended life dry cell battery best for extreme cold climates when you have unreliable power or no power at all. The solar charger maintaines the battery without overcharging.

Automatic Pet Feeder can be used in the house or in the barn holds 50lbs. pellets, grains or 25lbs. dog/cat chows. Dispenses up to 12 times per day and select from 1 to 5 cups to be dispensed each feed time selected.

Comes complete with built in programmable timer, 2-AA batteries for memory back-up, snap lock lid,

2" PVC pipe and fittings, instruction manual, 12-volt transformer, battery adapter, extended life 12-volt battery and solar charger.

Dimensions: 28" x 16" x 10" - 16lbs.