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Automatic Double Feeders with Battery Adapter
Automatic Double Feeders with Battery Adapter
Sale price: $390.00

Automatic Double Feeder with Battery Adapter

For no power or unreliable power applactions. Operate your Quick Feed from your own 12-volt battery.The larger the battery the longer you can go between recharges. You can use any 12-volt battery from a motorcycle size to a car battery. Holds 50 lbs. of pellets or grain, holds 25lbs. dog or cat chows. Dispenses 1 to 12 times per day and select 1 to 5 cups to be dispenced per feed time.

Comes complete with built in programmable timer, 2-AA batteries for memory back-up, snap lock lid, 11/2" PCV pipes and fittings, instruction manual, 12-volt transformer and a 12-volt battery adapter.

Dimensions: 28" x 16" x 10" - 10 lbs.